Zoom Event – Sat 1st & Sun 2nd May, 2021

Saturday 1st May

6 PM ONLINE PI – Workshop

The workshop involves sharing experience, strength and hope on external activities that can be done in order to pass the message, paying particular attention to online Public Information.

During the event it will be possible to hear the experience of Daniel C. (Blackburn, England), a public information liaison officer from England, Tim C. (East Bay, California) and Marco who will share the usual practices that are most commonly used in Italy Marco C. (Vicenza, Italy).
The workshop will be chaired by the Non-Alcoholic Trustee for Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain and Continental Europe Region Andrew Wetherell. He will also share his experience, strength, and hope on the 11th Tradition and the meaning of the money of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Those who want to ask questions are invited to do so in the Zoom chat to the co-host called “Q&A”

9 PM MUSIC & DANCE con Gerry B. DJ (Parma, Italy)

Sunday 2 May

The workshop includes sharing by two friends, Carl W. (Herefordshire Primary Purpose Group, UK) and Julia K. (Berlin, Germany) and their experience sponsoring the 12-step program online. The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the possibility of being able to meet and sponsor in the customary way, on the contrary it gives us the possibility to go beyond this and reach people who are living in isolation in a way no one could have imagined before!

15:00 Opening of the Workshop
15:10 1st through to 3rd Step with Carl W. (Herefordshire Primary Purpose Group, UK)
15:50 Questions & Answers
16:00 Break
16:10 4th & 5th Step with Julia K. (Berlin, Germany)
17:10 Questions & Answers
17:20 Break
17:30 6th & 7th Step with Julia K. (Berlin, (Germany)
18:00 Questions and Answers
18:10 Break
18:20 8th & 9th Step with Julia K. (Berlin, Germany)
19:20 Questions and Answers
19:30 Closing

Zoom ID: 843 8716 5234 – PW: 24ore
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